Wednesday, June 10 was surgery day. After the sifting process of the day before, a list of 13 patients were scheduled to be in three Operating Rooms.  Each Rotaplast surgeon had an Egyptian plastic surgeon counterpart.  After so many months of planning, it was exhilarating to watch the surgeons from the two countries perform surgery side by side.  Though they spoke different languages, they had the common language of surgical training. “It’s very uplifting to be working with the great interest displayed by the plastic surgery department of Sohag University,” said Dr. Angelo Capozzi, Medical Director of the mission, and co-founder of Rotaplast.  Given that the volunteers were very fatigued from jetlag, the day went remarkably smoothly. As with most countries, the family members of the patients had to be reassured and comforted during and after the surgery. The best practice is to bring in a parent as soon as possible in order to calm the patient. Sometimes the parent needs to be more reassured than the patient!