Group photo certificate
I have been honored to be the mission director here in Barquisimeto for this 2010 Rotaplast mission. I would like to acknowledge Mario Vegas and Aquilis Perez who have been instrumental in arranging all needed logistics for us to help our team focus on our goals.

They have exceeded our expectations in making sure we were made to feel welcomed here as we set about our efforts. And we also want to acknowledge the Venezuela Rotaplast volunteers for their work to insure the success of our mission. We at Rotaplast want to leave the people of this great community with this promise, that we will continue to strive for our goal that all children, wherever they may be, will someday have the gift of a beautiful smile.

This smile will hopefully provide them with a better chance at realizing their dreams and goals of a better future and help them lead a more fulfilling life. I want to personally thank each member of my team who came here with me and worked so hard to achieve the goals of this mission.

I have been humbled and honored to be your director. Each and every one of you has been vital to this effort. As we end this mission please know that our work is never done and it is our hope to return this way again. To again touch more children’s lives and continue this great calling that we at Rotaplast have before us.

Brian Walker, Mission Director