Our experience over the last few days has reaffirmed my sense of our shared responsibilities as Rotarians.  These procedures changes the lives of the children and families in ways that we cannot fully appreciate.  In one day their lives are transformed.  This transformation allows these families to do something that we in the US often take for granted. They can plan for a better tomorrow for their beautiful child.  The older children have a happier outlook about tomorrow. Sometimes I feel somewhat inadequate when I am interpreting for our patients and families.

It is not always possible to translate a phrase from Spanish to English and retain the same emotions and passion.  The sense of faith and gratefulness in the responses I hear are heart wrenching.  Like many others on this mission, I could have found a thousand reasons to cancel my participation this year, but I am so grateful that I am here.  When I experience the stories and interact with the families, they give me their gift of faith and hope.  In their stories I can hear the call to continue to serve.

~ Bella Mahoney (Interpreter and Saratoga Rotarian)