Dr. Callison 035 
The team making morning rounds in pediatrics for the post operative patients.


The day started off with our breakfast at the hotel at 6 a.m. with a departure for the hospital at 7 a.m. The surgeons would complete their rounds immediately upon arrival at the Hospital Miltar, with the pediatricians evaluating post surgical patients. After rounds, everyone would prepare for the day's new surgical patients. This would begin with gathering the patient's medical file, getting the patients weighed & evaluated & prepped for pre-surgery, and easing the patient's and parent's unrest with something as simple as a teddy bear or a Beanie baby. Post op included a handmade quilt for the patient.

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This is the reason that the team works so hard. Look into the eyes of this child, or any child involved with a Rotaplast mission. You will feel personally responsible to ensure that this child has an opportunity for a more hopeful future, without the burden of a cleft palate or cleft lip anomaly, and the best experience with Rotaplast. Every member of the team feels the same way, and works together and assists wherever & whenever necessary.


 Meet recovery room nurses Judy Farrington (Bozeman, MT) & Sandra Chase (Seattle, WA.) with Salvador their PACU interpreter. I asked Salvador about his experience volunteering for the Rotaplast Mission, and his reasons for volunteering 2 weeks which included very long days. Salvador feels the drive to give back. He had volunteered as a missionary in Haiti prior to the earthquake. His friend who was volunteering with him went ahead to Haiti, when Salvador's paperwork was delayed. Unfortunately, Salvador's friend perished in the hotel they were scheduled to stay in when it was demolished. Fortunately, Salvador's delay with his paperwork saved him, for what he explains will be a life of community service. He is quite certain that his destiny lies in helping others. Salvador is an invaluable asset interpreting between the nurses, patients and parents in the recovery room, and immediately following surgery. Salvador would soothe the patients as they awoke from surgery, being able to speak to the patient in their native language, as well as providing the nurses the ability to communicate effectively.