My wife and son are home in Virginia.  Health care is immediately available and I know they are safe. I look into the faces of these Guatamalan families and see people that are waiting and hoping for what my family has readily available.

Some traveled 18 hours and have no money to return home. We cannot provide for everyone who we evaluate for anesthesia and surgery.   We can provide for around 100 surgeries, and over 350 showed hoping for our help.

As with my trip last year to Cebu, Philippines, the Rotarian volunteers have provided us with everything we need to accomplish the surgeries. Not just medical equipment, but a true sense of love for fellow man and moral support that helps us as human beings as well as medical professionals. They are among the most special people I have ever known. We are on day 3 of surgery and work long hours. At the end of the day we regroup and enjoy each other’s friendship and camaraderie. 

Thank you Rotaplast for a second opportunity and the God who blesses me so abundantly!!

- More thoughts later

Joel R Buhyoff CRNA
Christiansburg VA