San salvador 750  Pediatrics Hospital militar   Dr. Judy in PACUBo with female ptient with DVRC bearAmelia Ward with Dr. LuzInterpreters with patientsNurse Sandy y ninoDr. Bill
"When you change a man's face you almost invariably change his future.  A plastic surgeon does not simply alter a man's face. He alters the man's inner self.  The incisions frequently cut deep into the psyche."  The quote is by Dr. Maltz who is a plastic surgeon who did a lot of work with individuals with cleft lip and palates. As we conclude our mission, we review our time here in San Salvador and reflect. We as a team, changed many lives during our visit, but we are changed also. We started our journey with 39 boxes and 29 strangers. We finished our journey with 19 boxes and 29 friends. What a great trip in so many ways. We learned about each other's children and grandchildren over shared meals, a few quiet moments in the hallway or break room, or maybe a drink together. The Rotarian members of the team were exposed to Rotary International on a global scale. Our Rotarian hosts opened their hearts and homes to us. We have opportunities to co-partner with the local Rotary clubs with their projects through grants.