This picture shows the 33 containers containing all the medical instrumentation and supplies that came with us to Guatemala. 

This mission, for most of the team began at the San Francisco Airport on Sunday, May 16,2010 at 9pm.  Others joined us in Miami and Guatemala City. We started with 33 boxes of medical supplies, surgical instrumentation, a sterilizer, hand made donated blankets and of course our 24 member volunteer team. Five hours later we landed in Miami, picked up another 2 volunteers and changed planes for Guatemala City. We were greeted at the airport by Carlos Portiga, Guatemala City Rotary Club member. We then traveled to the Westin Hotel in Guatemala City and were greeted by several Rotary members who hosted and elaborate lunch.

The purpose of the lunch was to celebrate the 10 years Rotaplast has come to Guatemala to give free reconstructive surgery to children who desperately need our help. There was also a press conference  during our lunch. Our volunteers were commended for Rotaplast's 10 years of Service in Guatemala.

Following lunch we boarded a bus, and traveled for four hours over some very rough roads, rain, traffic and heat to Retalhuleu, Guatemala. We were accompanied by a heavily armed escort to our hotel in Retalhuleu. Retalhuleu is a remote area about 30 minutes south of the Mexican boarder, and 45 minutes east of the Pacific. Once we arrived, we ate dinner and headed straight to bed, to make sure that we'd be ready for the challenges that tomorrow will bring.