Fernando charmed us with his gentle nature. He told Dr. Farnworth he already had lots of toys, but that his mother had bought him a special new one for after his surgery. Dr. Farnworth performed an operation to remove one of his two thumbs.

Fernando hand

Fernando and Dr. Farnworth

Oscar and MikeOscar came to us for a palate repair. Nothing was going to keep this little guy down. He wasn’t a bit scared and kept the pre-op room busy with his clowning.

Oscar2 As soon as his operation was over and Oscar was moved into his room, he was sitting up, and ready to work with his Mrs. Grossman’s stickers.

Shirley and Paul

Rotary volunteer Shirley Dean found a special way to celebrate her husband Paul Dean’s birthday today. Shirley engaged the help of Tacna Hospital Nurse Mirta and Rotary President Nora Vela Paz de Cordova’s son Jhon to find a rocking chair for the Pediatric Ward. Shirley wanted to do something special for the mamas on the ward. They don’t have anywhere to rock their little ones after surgery. Shirley took care of that and donated the much-needed rocking chair in Paul’s name for his birthday.


Rocking chair

Paul is our medical sterilizer and spends each day sterilizing medical equipment. Shirley works as our kind-hearted Pediatric Ward coordinator.

Pamela and Alison

One of the last patients of the day was our brave patient Pamela. Not a complaint from 8 year old Pamela she could not eat or drink all day. She checked in the night before and wasn’t called for surgery until 3:30 in the afternoon. Pamela was having burns removed from her face. She had been burned last August in an accident in school.


Pamela kept herself busy all day working with Mrs. Grossman’s sticker’s, she loved the letters and demonstrated for us some of her English language skills. She is such a pretty girl.

Kelly and Ariana

Kelly Cahill spent some time with Ariana and her mother training Mom on speech techniques that she can work on at home.

Kimberly & Carolyn

And as every surgery day ends Kimberly Vellekamp, Medical Records Keeper and Carolyn Walchak, Head Nurse get to work planning the surgery schedule for the next day.