The pre-op ward is the first stop for patients scheduled for surgery. There is a lot of anticipation and fear about their surgery and it is the job of  the Patient Recreation Therapist to provide activities and attention to make their time more enjoyable. The therapist engages patients in conversation and provides activities such as coloring, toys, and bubbles to pass the time in  a relaxing environment. Joella says that they even get an opportunity to assist in some math and reading skills.

They are also responsible for locating the patient in the ward, when the patient transport team comes to escort a patient to surgery. Rotaplast team member member Nancy Falletta said," the people are happy and cheerful and participate in the activities, even the fathers!"



IMG_1428There are two volunteers assigned to Recreation Therapy on the Nagamangala, India, Rotaplast mission.

Nancy Falletta is an administrator and teacher from Buffalo, New York and is a non medical volunteer on her first Rotaplast mission. Nancy loves the interaction with the families and says she has the best job on the mission!

Dr. Joella Gipson from the Detroit Rotary Club # 16, is on her second Rotaplast mission, but is no stranger to international service having participated in Rotary projects in Kenya, Honduras, Phillipines, and Nicaragua. She has been a Rotarian for 21 years and is a retired University professor (Professor Emeritus) with 40 years of teaching.