Nurse Practitioner Nan Madden and Pediatrician Dr. Greg Melnick see a young patient and her mom at today's Pre-Clinic at the Sian Tian Temple in Cebu, assisted by interpreter, Darren of Cebu.


A constant flow of patients and parents passed through the stations set up at today’s Pre-Clinic at the Sian Tian Temple. Rotarians, their wives and friends, and Rotaracters helped the Rotaplast Team, ensuring a smooth delivery and fast processing of patients.

When the team arrived, dozens of Cebuanos filled the Temple grounds, awaiting their turn to see the surgeons, the anaesthetists, the pediatrician and nurse practitioner, the nurses, the orthodontist and the dentists, and then to the final post where their photos were taken for medical records. Every station was a hive of activity.

A quick break for lunch, then most of the team headed to the Vincente Sotto Memorial Hospital to ready the Operating Rooms for surgeries tomorrow. Busy is the key word! Many of us are still dealing with a little jet lag – I'm writing this in the dark at 2.30AM – but we're gradually finding ourselves on Cebu time, and know we have a job to do that is more important than any of the little inconveniences we occasionally find ourselves dealing with. It will be full-speed ahead tomorrow when the operating room is buzzing – alarms are set for 5AM and breakfast is at 5.30!Bent-Troy-Karen-Darren-P1020288
District 5020 volunteer Rotarians Troy Alexander, Bent Harder, Karen Johnson and volunteer interpreter Darren have fun twisting balloons to amuse the kids waiting to see the doctors, nurses and dentists. There were a few bangs, but the children were mesmerised by these simple toys.

Below, some of the little ones (and Moms too!) enjoy the balloons.