Luis Eduardo Huerto Lugo and his mother, Maria, travelled 50 miles when they heard of the Rotaplast mission in Apan. Luis, only 13 months old, was born with a bilateral cleft and lip palate and was evaluated by the volunteer medical team of pediatricians, surgeons, and dentists on the first day of clinic evaluations and was scheduled for reconstructive surgery the very next day.

Luis and his mother spent the evening at Hospital General del Altiplano and were discharged the following morning after a post-surgery evaluation. Of course, like all Rotaplast patients, he will be evaluated one more time before our team leaves Apan on the 27th of October.

Its probably safe to say that Luis Eduardo and his family have had a very good week.


Luis Eduardo before 

Luis Eduardo's clinic evaluation photo, Tuesday, October 19th



Luis and his mom, Maria, upon being discharged, October 21st