Kim Capps and Debbie Dean

How exciting to be part of this Chittagong team, the first to visit Bangladesh. And so humbling to have this opportunity to work with this group of Rotaplast team members with so much experience and talent to give to the world.

Neal Fleming and Blaire Fleming

It has been a long journey to these far reaches of the world, to Bangladesh the eighth most populous and densely populated country in the world. We even lost a day.

Sharon Harvey

Jan Epstein 3

Yet our journey has just begun. I’ve heard it said, the longest journey is the one from the head to the heart, I have a feeling with this team that journey is just a short jog.

Evelyn Abad and Dick Burkhalter and local Rotarians2

Angelo Capozzi and Joe Grasso2

Upon our arrival our energy is immediately lifted with a special greeting committee of Chittagong Rotarians and family and friends of the Nuture Hospital where we will be spending our time.

Shehznan Baqui Nasreen Baqui and Shehznan mom and Nabila Hoque3

Welcome Evening3

Let our journey begin!  “Be the change you want to see in the world”- Mahatma Gandhi