The final day of surgery has been completed for the Udaipur Rotaplast Team, pictured below. 

Team shot1_edited-1
In several long and challenging days in India, the team has completed surgery and care for 61 children.  That is a great number of families who’s lives have been changed forever. 

There are 29 members of this Rotaplast team, and our lives have been changed forever too!

Our final lip repair was 10-year-old Suresh. 

Suresh b4
Suresh was one of the first patients screened in Udaipur. Because of a cold he had to wait until nearly the end of the trip to receive his cleft lip repair. 

Today Suresh and his parents posed with DGN Doug Everett from Blind Bay, B.C.  Doug has been a patient transport specialist throughout the mission and developed  a special bond with children and their parents.





As we begin to pack and think about our return trip we pack bags full of memories of wonderful families and children along with outstanding dedicated healthcare professionals in Udaipur who were of great value in their assistance to the Rotaplast Team.
  Suresh after

Our team has taken great joy in working together. We have wonderful physicians, dentists, nurses, speech therapist, and ten dedicated Rotarian (non-medical) volunteers.  While we miss our families and friends, our day jobs and our own beds, we believe in the Rotaplast mission, and know that you do too.  Surg general

We return home with many great stories to share about who Rotaplast has been of service to Udaipur.