This mission is  different in scope and size than our past five missions to Pereira. Our team is only 19 rather than the usual 28-30.  We are reaching beyond the basic cleft lip and palate repair by providing advanced maxillofacial surgery for older children who have had previous surgery for cleft lip and palate. We are grafting bone material taken from from the hips to repair palates. These surgeries require a lot more time in the operating room. The most complex procedure on Thursday took seven hours of surgery.

These more intensive procedures are only possible with the support of the Sonrie Foundation, and our hosts the Rotary Club of Pereira Perla Del Otun. With our reduced Rotaplast team we are dependent on our local partners to accomplish our goal of providing a succesful outcome for the children of Pereira.


Dr. Sachs with a patients xray



Dr. Sachs in surgery


Another happy ending to a long day