Our mission in Cebu is coming to an end. Today we held our final clinic where we ask our patients to come back in for a check up and a final update of records. I'm told that in most past missions, you're doing well to get 50% coming back for the final clinic. The success we've had here shows when all but three of the sixty plus patients came back to be seen and say goodbye to the team. 

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It's heart warming to say the least when we see the results of our efforts. The final clinic shows surgical scars already starting to heal. Kids are running and playing and capturing the hearts of our team.  All in all, kids and parents expressed their gratitude and we'll miss them very much.

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Center top picture, Grace Sang, DDS, our team Dentist

Successful surgery requires a team effort and this team has been exemplary. Our host operating room nurses and OR Techs have been the best trained and most professional with which we've worked. A myriad of people from both the USA and the Philippines worked tirelessly to get all the pieces in place so that we could perform these vital procedures.

Everything seemed right; we had the right surgeons, nurses, doctors and support to make certain that the end result, patient care, was the best you could find anywhere.


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We could not have asked for better hosts than the Rotary Club of Cebu Port Center. This club has been sponsoring Rotaplast missions for nine years including our mission. Ove the years more than 1000 patients have been seen and more than 800 surgeries performed. These Rotarians really have taken Service Above Self seriously. The mission for them starts months in advance making certain that every last detail is seen to and all pieces are in place for the arrival of the surgical team. Once we arrived they ensured that we had everything we could have asked for and more. I'm certain that this club has found a special place in the hearts of all our team members. We thank the Rotary Club of Cebu Port Center for their excellent hospitality.


As we prepare to leave Cebu – Queen City of the South – I want to say a personal thank you to our hosts, The Rotary Club of Cebu Port Central, and to the many members of their families, hospital staff and volunteers that made this service to the children of Cebu possible.

Thank you.