Today is a special day for the Rotaplast team in Mali, and Rotaplast International as a whole. On February 25th 2012 at 09.00 a.m. Elizabeth Diarra (17 months of age) was treated for a cleft lip reconstruction. Of course she is as important as any child treated by the Rotaplast physicians, but still this moment is a milestone for Rotaplast. With this surgery the 15,000th new smile was created by the efforts of hundreds of volunteers in the past twenty years. Dr. Sibrand Schepel had the honor to perform this surgery and was assisted by anesthesiologists Jan Bos and Ilze Henriks. The surgery took about one hour, and after that, Elizabeth was tenderly taken care of by the PACU-nurses Bruce Hickey and Jean Petro. She is doing fine.IMGP7641 (640x426)IMGP7656 (640x426)IMGP7660 (640x426)IMGP7672 (640x426)One day later, Elizabeth is doing beautifully!IMGP7847 (640x426)