Today is our seventh, and last, day of surgery. Again there are 13 reconstructions planned for today. In total we performed 87 reconstructions on this mission. We are very pleased with this result. We wouldn’t have been able to be this successful without the support of the local hospital staff and volunteers. To show our appreciation, we invited the local medical staff and volunteers for a special ceremony. Our mission director expressed his gratitude for the efforts of the local members of our team. The hospital staff received a Rotaplast certificate of appreciation to remember this special teamwork in the past two weeks. Also some presents were exchanged. Tomorrow there will be the post-clinic. This is the last opportunity for an evaluation of our patients health and well-being and a moment to answer their questions and give practical information to the parents for a trouble-free recovery. Then it is time to say goodbye and farewell to the patients and their families. From here they all go their own way. We will not forget them because we have built a special bond with them and their families. We hope, by giving them a new smile, they are able to build a better and brighter future.