I’m honored to be able to say that this is my 6th mission with Rotaplast. On every mission adverse situations arise: something breaks, something is misplaced, or we discover something we wish we had brought, but didn’t. I’m always amazed at the passion, skill, and flexibility with which the medical and non-medical volunteers improvise, create, modify, and figure out a way to success.  

At times it can feel like Apollo 13, especially on the first day of surgery, but adversity is overcome as we were able to do 10 surgeries through consummate team work, including a 7-month-old with a cleft lip. His mother brought him from 11 hours away. They had not been able to get to the first day of clinic, but showed up at the door full of hope. He was evaluated, processed and added to the schedule at the end of the day. Despite a hectic morning, the team rallied and worked well into dinner time to help one more child. This inexhaustible dedication to service makes me committed to participate in many future Rotaplast missions.

Working as a team: Lead Pediatrician Dr. Bryan Stamm, Anesthesiologist Dr. Kay-Kyoung Kim and Anesthesiologist Dr. Iskra Inanova