Ken Funk, our Mission Director shares his thoughts on why he is on his 17th mission in 6 years.


The surgical wards have been operating at full capacity.  Seven surgeries were performed on our first day here, eight the second, nine on our third day, and I believe five on Friday.  Saturday was only a two-thirds day.  

I have included some images that may give you a sense of what we see in our days both in and out of the hospital.

IMG_0986  IMG_1788
On Saturday, much of the team wanted to see what the largest market in Africa looked like.  It is in Addis Ababa and is simply known as the Merkato and is more like a flea market or garage sale on a huge scale.  Everything is for sale and can be found here.  I think that half the population of Addis was there with us.



Here are some street scenes around Addis.

Bulding codes?  I think that they are just different.  Note how the rebar isn't buried inside the concrete and the concrete has not been vibrated to make a solid material.

Sunday was a day off for the team, and once the doctors returned from rounds, we went on a bus tour, north to a monestary on the edge of the Nile Valley and then to lunch.