This will be my last post from Karaikal. The final days of clinic, packing, saying goodbye, and travel are hectic and chaotic to say the least. Again, our hosts, the Rotary Club of Karaikal and the Vinayaka Medical College treated us to farewell ceremonies and gatherings all under the growing thunderstorms that marked the beginning of the monsoon season. The lightening over Karaikal provided a live fireworks show for our last social gathering exchanging goodbyes, gifts, and business cards.

It’s amazing how fast the time goes. The 2012 Karaikal team did what we were supposed to do, fixing smiles and changing lives. The difference is truly dramatic! In some cases, it’s difficult to tell that it is the same child when comparing the before and after photos. Over the past ten days or so, the team performed 67 surgeries and more than 116 procedures, of which 60 percent were burn restorations and 40 percent were cleft palates and lips. We evaluated over 160 patients through the clinic and did dental extractions and built orthodontic devices to assist cleft palate patients.

A Group

The dynamic 2012 Karaikal Rotaplast team

A burn_edited-1
Rathi smiles as she says goodbye to the team after the doctors changed her burn dressing on the final clinic day.

A Dressing change

Dr. Brad changes a dressing and passes along care instructions on the final clinic day in Karaikal.

A Three shot

As we prepare to leave Karaikal I want to say a personal thank you to our hosts, The Rotary Club of Karaikal, and to the many members of their families, hospital staff, and volunteers that made this service to the children of Karaikal possible.

Thank you.