During the final day at Vicente Sotto we ran the post-clinic, where we have a follow-up with the 55 patients who received surgery during the nine operating days. All of our days had special and rewarding moments with the patients and their families, but post-clinic day could surpass all of those moments. It is the day where we got to see a different child than we did in pre-clinic and pre-surgery. Their lives are forever changed, their future bright, families joyous – and the level of satisfaction that it yields is immeasurable. 

Gratitude from the families was overflowing. Gratitude on our side was also overflowing. It is amazingly fulfilling. As stated in my prior post, the volunteers receive nothing monetary or concrete from the mission, instead we receive the gratification in knowing that we participated in the betterment of a child's life and future.


A sibling of a patient walks around collecting rose petals off the floor. A single rose was gifted to each patient during the clinic.




Twins Gennelyn and Gennalyn sit down with their foster mother, Rosana, and the pediatricians for a final check-up after cleft palate operations. Virginia Dodge (videographer) and I had the pleasure of visiting the Lingap Center after their surgeries. In the next few weeks I will be working on a piece that will highlight Gennelyn and Gennalyn's incredible journey. Stay tuned, as I will post the work here.




Bill Dunn, our Mission Director, gives an eloquent speech complimenting the team work between the volunteers themselves, and between the volunteers, our hosts and the medical team at Vicente Sotto hospital. Love, praise, thanks, and the trading of Rotary Club flags were offered to the Rotary Club of Cebu Port Center. 



Al Goldberg springs and leaps onto stage to receive rewards from our Rotary hosts. The Appreciation Dinner took place at the Cebu Provincial Capitol Building. Every team member was given awards and gifts. The meal was out of this world. The performances by Cebu's Performing Arts Academy blew everyone out of the water, and priceless memories made on the mission and with our hosts were recollected.




Evelyn Abad, our head nurse, or otherwise well-known as "Ate Eve" is honored for 15 years of service to Rotaplast. 


Stay tuned for more posts!