Once again, Wrap-A-Smile has generously donated a colorful, handmade quilt for each Rotaplast patient. Since 2001, international quilters have been crafting and donating quilts to provide a loving touch for children and their families as a project of the Rotary Club of Wells, Maine.

DSC_9456-2Rotaplast volunteers love opening the box and selecting a unique design appropriate for each patient. As the kids are dressed in a hospital gown to await their surgery in the pre-op area, moms and dads are given a quilt to wrap their children.

It's a warm cover for what can be a chilling experience for a child about to be taken from their parents to surgery.

Teen and adult patients certainly appreciate their usefulness to cover the open backside of the hospital gowns as they walk down the hall. DSC_9094The quilts stay with them, brightening their covering on the surgical table and enveloping them as they wake from anesthesia into the arms of their parents. They are a family keepsake to remind them of the life-changing care from Rotaplast.

Rotaplast volunteers have also filled their suitcases with a variety of stuffed animals, toys, colorful hair clips, coloring books and more to create a friendly, caring environment. Stuffed Snoopys donated by Met Life never fail to calm an anxious child.


Jerry Meshulam, Photojournalist