High-performing four-surgeon team records 103 surgeries over 7 days.


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 Two operating tables and two fully-staffed OR teams share one OR on final day of surgeries amid a flurry of activity.



Rotaplast specializes in transforming smiles and improving the quality of childrens' lives.   Meet Mohammed:


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Wide-eyed Mohammed, âge 6 months, a few days before surgery to repair his cleft lip.

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Taking a nap following his procedure, Mohammed will likely only know of his earlier appearance if provided with photographic documentation.



Mission Team Profiles:


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Top row (L to R) OR Nurse Jeanne Kille, RN (Salt Lake City, UT, 37 Missons); OR Nurse Lianna Hooper, RN (Bellingham, WA, 12 Missions); Bottom Row (L to R) PACU Nurse Karen Fischer, RN (Salt Lake City, UT, 18 Missions); Pediatrician Dr. Rene Vreuls, MD (The Netherlands, 8 Missions)




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Go Dutch! Four of the nine team members from The Netherlands combine for 13 Missions: (L to R) Patient Transporter Bert Steenbergen; Medical Records Hans Adolfsen (rear); Ward Coordinator Agnes van Heezik-Wolfkamp; Quartermaster Gerhard van Dalen


James Taylor, Photojournalist