As in many endeavors success depends on teamwork, and we had a winning team today. The Rotary club of Cumanagoto was highly organized and well prepared. Volunteers came  from Toyota Venezuela, Chevron Venezuela, the Fundacion Nino, Fundasalud, and the local Rotaract Club. It is always rewarding to be part of a winning team, and today at clinic we examined over two hundred patients.

  A1 overview of patients
 Two hundred children showed up at the pre-clinic. To their parents as well as Rotaplast, each child that attended is a piece of Venezuela's future as well as a treasure in their family. When parents or guardians entrust us with their children it is a responsibility we do not take lightly.

A preclinic baby
Opening clinic may appear chaotic but with the help of many the day ran smoothly. This little girl does not seem to be phased by all the activity around her as she is secure in her mothers arms. 

  A3 Dr John Lee  Dr. John Lee listens carefully. A2 Dr Soma Avva

This boy is in good hands with Dr. Soma Avva.A4 Girl with towel

Why is this girl holding a towel?

We frequently see children with a towel clung tightly to their face. Sometimes is to hide their lip, or to plug the hole in the roof of their mouth. This hole in the roof of the mouth, or cleft palate is a serious problem. A cleft palate that is not repaired will cause health issues, which can be severe and impair a child's speech for life.

 In the next blog I will explain why repairing a cleft palate is as important as repairing the cleft lip for a child's future.