Danielyn is a 10-year-old paraplegic. She fell out of a tree a year ago leaving her paralyzed from the waist down. She was admitted to the hospital 2 months ago with severe burns on both legs resulting from a traditional treatment that her father believed would cure her paralysis. Yesterday our recovery room nurse cleaned her wounds to make sure they were not infected prior to surgery.  Today the surgical team will be performing a skin graft to help heal the burns on her legs.

Danielyn has six sisters and five brothers. Math is her favorite subject and she cannot wait to get better and go back to school. Before she was injured she enjoyed playing basketball, baseball and football. Her dream is to become a doctor or bank manager when she grows up. It is impossible not to love her because of her wonderful personality and positive attitude. Alan Bowman and Gary Warr (our volunteers) had a great time visiting with Danielyn before she went in for her surgery.