Day 7 in New Delhi, India

OT (Operations Theater) is the room where the life-changing action takes place. On this mission our medical staff worked out of one large room with two operating tables. It was here that our team of surgeons, anesthetists, and nurses worked together with staff from Sarvodaya Hospital to preform artistic miracles on disfigured faces.

Frequently, local hospital medical staff came into OT to observe the state-or-the-art procedures and techniques used by our professionals.

Staff from Sarvodaya observing a child receiving anesthesia prior to his surgical procedure. IMG_6689
Dr. Fred Mihm training local staff on anesthesia procedures. IMG_6981

Iman was a six year-old boy who had a cleft lip repair when he was an infant. Aside from less than perfect visual plastic surgery results, he had two large gaps between his lips and the nasal cavity which had not been closed. This would prove to be a long operation.

Iman upon registration. IMG_6217
Iman anxiously waiting in the ward prior to surgery.
Paulette Schulte walking Iman and his parents down from the ward to the pre-op. IMG_6957 IMG_6960

Doctors Ron Gemberling and Devi Tantri reviewing today’s needs with OR Nurse Victoria Slama. IMG_6979-001
Iman’s assigned surgeon, Devi Tantri, relaxing before the start of a highly technical operation. IMG_6995
Anesthesiologist Fred Mihm preparing for the operation. IMG_6990
Mission Director Randy Floyd comforts Iman in the operating room. IMG_7040-001
Dr. Fred administering anesthesia.
Dr. Devi skillfully applies his skills to correct Iman’s condition. IMG_6364

Dr. Ron checks on Iman’s condition during rounds the next morning. IMG_7194-001


Aradhya was brought into the hospital by her young mother. With a bejeweled bindi on her forehead and flowing red dupatta, she answered our questions with penetrating brown eyes. She came to our clinic with hope, a deep-felt optimism that we could repair her infant’s cleft lip.
Prior to surgery Aradhya’s mother handed her four month-old infant to Roger Schulte. IMG_6920
Anesthesiologist Julie Williamson prepares anesthesia for Aradhya and then brings her to the operating table. IMG_6992 IMG_6999
Aradhya’s procedure commences. IMG_7043
Aradhya recovering in PACU. IMG_7121
Dr. Ron reviewing the outcome of the surgery.
A mother's smile of gratitude for Rotaplast.

The hardest part of any mission is turning away patients. Rotaplast medical teams sometimes have to deny treatment when patients have medical conditions which makes it unsafe to anesthetize them. This usually occurs with patients who have acute infections, respiratory issues, anemia, or a medical condition which the team cannot treat or for which surgery would be a medical risk.

Diksha was one such patient. She was a 2 year-old little girl who needed surgery for a complete bi-lateral cleft lip.
Paul Quintavalla cheering Diksha up during evaluation prior to surgery. IMG_7298
Diskha with her loving father. IMG_7304-001
Upon examination by the pediatricians prior to surgery, it was discovered that she was wheezing and had an acute lower respiration condition. They gave her inhaled medication and regretfully indicated to the family that surgery would not be possible. The family was then encouraged to see their family doctor for the condition.

But Diksha’s story has a happy ending.

Dr. Gagan Sabharwal, a surgeon on our Rotaplast team who practices in Delhi, then turned to the family and gave them his personal cell phone number and encouraged them to contact him. If Diksha's condition clears up in a month or two, he would treat her himself in his clinic in January.  

Diksha and her father leaving the clinic pleased with the thoughtful offering volunteered by Dr. Gagan. IMG_7357