Day 11 in Delhi, India

Today we completed our medical mission at Sarvodaya Hospital. As we drove away packed tightly in our van, we bid it, the hospital, and its staff, “Namaste” (farewell.) The two weeks proved to be a life-changing experience not only for the families whose members we treated, but also for us. Our world views had been broadened and our sense of compassion deepened. We realized that it is through luck and the grace of God that we owe our many life-comforts, our bountiful wherewithal, and our good health.


In the morning we held our post-clinic. Patients we had treated came back for a final check by our medical staff. Post-pictures were taken for documentation purposes and discharge reports and papers prepared. Over 40 individuals showed up for the clinic.

A group of parents and their children happily waiting to be seen by the medical staff. 1-IMG_7923
As the children left, they were given colorful socks donated by OR Nurse Victoria Slama. 1-IMG_7916
The medical staff in action. 1-IMG_8119

As the doctors examined the children and others of us assisted in various capacities, we were pleased with the end results though all felt we could have treated more cases in our two operating rooms. Over seven surgery days we operated on 47 patients with over 66 procedures. Of the 84 patients who initially registered, 37 had to be turned away for various medical reasons.

Five months-old Ganesh before Rotaplast.

At the time of the post-clinic.
Three months-old Radha before Rotaplast. 1-IMG_6206
At the time of the post-clinic. 1-IMG_7966
Six months-old Ishu before Rotaplast. 1-IMG_6021
At the time of the post-clinic. 1-IMG_7981
Zeesant before Rotaplast. 1-IMG_6055
At the time of the post-clinic. 1-IMG_8017
Nine months-old Kanishka before Rotaplast. 1-IMG_6033
At the time of the post-clinic. 1-IMG_8042
Nine years-old Javir before Rotaplast. 1-IMG_6009
At the time of the post-clinic. 1-IMG_8060

During the mission one young boy’s future dreams hit home to us. When asked about his goals in life, he assuredly proclaimed, “When I grow up I want to be a policeman.” It just so happened that Mission Director Randy Floyd is the Chief of Police for Telford Borough, Pennsylvania. As well as the rest us, he developed a special affinity for young Gulab, and it just so happened that he had brought with him a handful of police badges from his station.

Chief of Police Mission Director Randy Floyd presenting 14 years-old Gulab a police badge. 1-IMG_8068

After lunch the owner of Sarvodaya Hospital, Dr. Rakesh Gupta and his wife, Anshu Gupta, Managing Director, convened a gathering of our Rotaplast volunteers and the members of his hospital team with whom we had worked. Acknowledgements were given and tokens of appreciation presented by his lead staff and our team leaders to our Rotaplast volunteers and the hospital staff members involved in the mission. The President of the Rotary Club of Delhi Vasant Valley, Gaurav Ahuja also presented gifts of thanks.

Dr. Rakesh Gupta thanking Lead PACU Nurse Luisa Poquiz. 1-IMG_8197
Anshu Gupta congratulating Ward Coordinator Dennis Bourassa. 1-IMG_8206
Rotarian Tanu Ahuja presenting a gift to a dedicated hospital staff member. 1-IMG_8254
Madhurya, son of President Gaurav, assisting Medical Director Ron Gemberling in the distribution of Rotary gifts. 1-IMG_8238

The next morning we slept in and then visited a shopping area frequented by tourists. The stores on Connaught Place offered authentic handicrafts, jewelry and clothing from different regions in India. Many of us contributed handsomely to the Indian economy. After which we traveled to Dr. Gagan Sabharwal’s family home near the airport for a final going away barbecue and dinner. He and his wife, Suruchi, and parents were gracious hosts as we enjoyed the sights of Delhi from the rooftop deck of their contemporary home.

The fire starters, Kathy Gallagher and Nan Madden, come to the rescue. 1-IMG_8313
Team members Brian Walker, Ted Alex, Dr. Ron Gemberling, Victoria Slama, and Dennis Bourassa enjoy evening appetizers. 1-IMG_8341
Our hosts: Dr. Gagan Sabharwal and his wife, Suruchi, and his parents. 1-IMG_8360

Our team members will always remember this mission to the Sarvodaya Hospital in Faridabad, an industrial city in the greater Delhi area. Coming from across the country, we formed close friendships and left feeling proud of our volunteer efforts to reach out to the medical needs of children and adults in this colorful, friendly, developing country. We hope that Rotaplast returns a future team to Delhi, India, and that possibly some of us are fortunate enough to be on that team. 1-TeamF