DSC_0376Closing clinic is a busy morning where Rotaplast sees all our patients for the last time on the trip.  It's a happy occasion and a little bitter sweet as we say good bye to those that we have come to love.DSC_0435Surgeons examine patients one last time before the patients and their families make the long  journey home. Below is S Anul who was one of our first patients on the first surgical day.  With his cleft lip fixed, he can look forward to normal development.  DSC_0227 S.Anul in opening clinic.DSC_0371 S. Anul in closing clinic with his new smile and a very happy family.DSC_0220  5-month-old Samina with a unilateral cleft lip before surgery on surgical day one.DSC_0381Samina in closing clinic healing nicely.DSC_0372It's Also the day where surgeons change the dressings on some of the more severe burn reconstructive surgeries performed during the trip.  Shiru is one of those patients.  She shares a hug with anesthesiologist Jo.  When we first meet Shiru, her jaw hung down to her chest due to burn scar contractures. Notice now how her mouth is closed and a smile shines through her eyes.DSC_0812Each and every child made an impression on us in their own way, like Sharmin and Tasrin who were always smiling and practicing their well spoken English with us. DSC_0402

DSC_0444The universal language that we all share comes through in so many ways.  A shared hug of gratitude expresses more than words could ever say. DSC_0417 As The clinic comes to a close, children wave good-bye and we watch families leave the hospital with thanks for Rotaplast, and for some, the hope that Rotaplast will return again for additional surgeries that will indeed change the course of children's lives and their families.DSC_0459