Today (day two) we arrived at the hospital earlier than yesterday to get a jump start on surgery. We have a heavy case load each day of the mission with an anticipated case load of nearly 100 patients. In addition to cleft lip and palate cases, we will care for a number of burn cases which can require longer surgical procedures.

This is 4-year-old Imtiaz. When he was two years old he stuck his hand in a fire. Here in Chittagong, garbage is typically swept into a pile and set on fire in order to get rid of it. Unfortunately, Imtiaz put his hands into the flames.


He is here with Rotaplast today to release the burn scars to his hand in order to give him thumb and finger mobility.

Yesterday, day one of surgery, we met 1-year-old Ismat. Here’s Ismat with his mother before surgery.


Yesterday, I spoke with a father who brought his 1-year-old daughter to the mission to fix her bi-lateral cleft lip. When I asked him how he heard of the mission in Chittagong he told me he was familiar with the work of Rotaplast having seen the team here last year. Now with his own daughter he said he wanted Rotaplast to operate. “Thank you Allah and thank you for being here,” he said. “I can’t explain how happy I am that foreigners have come to care for my daughter.”


Jahura, 3 years old needs her palate repaired. She was brought to Rotaplast by her two loving grandmothers as her mother was home caring for her other children. It’s often very difficult for children with a cleft palate to eat and receive the proper nutrition to grow. After today, this will no longer be a problem for Jahura.


With the help of her Grandmother, Jahura talks to her mother while waiting for surgery. “I want to eat!” she says to Mom.


Ayesha is a beautiful girl of 12 years. She has a sweet smile. Her impairment is unseen inside her mouth. She needed a procedure to correct it and today she received it.