Buenas Tardes! Now part 2 of today’s blog…the waiting room!

From the pediatric ward, our Transporter Jorge brings the next patients up to the waiting room before going into the operating room.

Here, children are greeted by both our non-medical and medical staff and given quilts (made by Rotarians and their family members) as well as stuffed animals, coloring books and crayons (donated by Marshall Lane Elementary School, West Valley College, as well as donors from Maine). These items occupy their time and help alleviate potential anxiety about their upcoming surgery.




Our amazing Medical Records keeper Sangita is also in the waiting room! She works diligently to document each and every patient that walks through our doors. Sangita and our Head Nurse, Debbie, prepare  the operating schedule for our team each day! You are amazing Sangita and Debbie!!!


Our Translator Maria also helps out in the waiting room by assisting patients with any questions, helps register walk-ins, as well as comforting both patients and their parents. Thank you Maria!!!




During this time, our Mission Director and Quartermaster are busy ensuring that everyone on the team has what they need in each of their respective areas.

Today, Mission Director Brian was in the medical storage room taking inventory and then informing Rick, the Quartermaster what items needed to be replenished.


Rick, making a list of supplies needed for the next day!