Mijael, is ready to go to surgery with Dr. Jonathan Khersonsky and OR nurse, Gina Brown.

“Hi Mijael, we’re ready for you!” said anesthesiologist, Dr. Jonathan Khersonsky. His warm greeting to his 7-year-old patient set the tone for what became a long, but successful day of surgeries performed by our outstanding surgical team.  Enthusiasm and “can do” spirit ruled the day as one patient after another rolled away from the OR to the Post-Op wards with successfully completed procedures. Yet, as we met patients and parents with our hands and hearts extended, it was still tough for many to overcome the emotions connected with having a loved-one go off to surgery.


Meet Alexander

One of the first patients on the schedule was a 1-year and 5-month-old boy named, Alexander. His parents, Jose and  Carla, leaned nervously against the hallway door that leads to the operating rooms and watched Alexander enter into our care. “It’s hard not to be nervous about what is going on at this time,” said Jose. But, mixed feelings soon gave way to joy as Clara and Andrew exited the PACU in good spirits on their way to the post-op ward.