As this reporter learned in the Educational Seminar, both genetic and environmental factors can lead to cleft anomalies. It is not unusual to find more that one person with a cleft in a family. Meet Daisy and Jhonier in the recovery room.

IMG_0056Jhonier is 8 years old. He came to Rotaplast for a lip revision, a surgery to refine the appearance of his lip after the initial cleft repair.

Jhonier’s mother, Daisy, looks on as the nurse attends to him. Daisy had a fistula (a hole in the roof of her mouth) repaired by Rotaplast just last week.  She looks and feels great. Rotaplast also performed surgeries on Daisy in 2007 and 2009.


The fact that cleft repairs frequently require multiple surgeries underscores the importance of setting up a permanent, year-round, multidisciplinary cleft care program in Pereira.