Waking up on this side of the world in Summerland B.C., where all night rain continued teaming down accompanied by a symphony of thunder and lightening. Last night through the noise of the storm there were countless, sleepless hours to reflect on the days ahead. Our trip to the Philippines…changing lives of people as yet unknown, changing our own lives…forever.

We look forward to the days ahead with anticipation, wonder, thoughtfulness and yes some fear. The world today so small and yet Cebu City seems so far from Summerland. A world where families are waiting in anticipation, wonder, thoughtfulness and yes some fear, for the arrival of this group of strangers that will bring new life and new opportunities to those they hold close.

To all those worried moms, concerned fathers, frightened teens and apprehensive children, we hold you in our thoughts and have you in our hearts already. Soon we will not be strangers, soon we will be together on the other side of the world and together we will make wonderful new memories for us all.