A little bit of chaos starts the morning as the Rotaplast team organizes closing clinic among the patients waiting to be seen by the surgeons one last time.


Sarah, the organizer of a rehabilitation facility called The Plaster House arrives on the scene.  Rotaplast operated on some of the clients of Plaster House.  Sarah will also facilitate follow-up for a number of our patients – specifically burn contracture release patients.


Dr. Anne examines a burn release contracture patient.


Dr. Sandy and Sarah explain instructions to the mother of one of our babies.


Parents, grandparents, family members and of course patients are extremely grateful.  Here, Ryan’s grandmother gives a gift to Dr. Tina who performed the surgery for Ryan.


Willison comes back, proud and happy. His lip is still a little sore and swollen which will subside in a matter of days. We exchanged the traditional Tanzanian hand shake that he taught me a few days ago.


While families wait for their name to be called, Karen hands out hats and toys for the children to keep them entertained.



Closing Clinic is also the time when we say good-bye to those that we’ve come to know and love. Connections grow during the two weeks we are here, getting to know, not only the patients, but also their families. There is work still to be done in Tanzania.  Some of our babies with beautiful lips will need their palate closed in a year or so.  More babies are out there who didn’t make it to this mission.  We operated on over 60 patients.  Their gratitude and that of their families shone throughout our stay here.  Arusha, Tanzania was a new site for Rotaplast.  We hope to be able to continue our work saving smiles, changing lives.