The two weeks is done, unbelievable. We just got here and it is time to leave. Seven days of surgery. We saw 346 potential patients at the beginning. Ultimately operating on 95 patients and performing a variety of surgical procedures on kids from several months old to teenagers. Seeing the change in patients in the few days we were here was amazing.



The last day saw us sent off to the Cumana Airport by a dance band and naturally the team danced. Many good byes and hugs before we boarded the Army transport to Caracas. It was truly a moment to remember.



We flew to Caracas and then flew home the next day.  Many of the team parted company in Houston. Eleven of us went in to San Francisco, The others went on to different parts of the USA. I suspect we all were looking forward to being home but with many memories that we will all carry with us forever.