A bittersweet day today as we conducted Post-Clinic.  80% of our patients showed up!  It was wonderful to see the progress they have all made.  We bid them a fond farewell, and then said a tearful goodbye to our hosts.

Many Many Thanks to Dr. Gupta and the staff of The Sarvodaya Hospital!!  Our hosts bent over backward to make sure things went well.  They gave up an OR and beds in the PACU room, and two large rooms for the pre- and post-op wards , and a whole office suite for Genetics, and were always there to lend a hand.  They fed us delicious Indian food every day for lunch, provided a van for transport, and helped us in whatever was needed.  Their staff was amazing in every way and we are so thankful to be hosted by them!

DSC_0417The Members of the Rotary Club of Delhi Vasant Valley were wonderful.  They meet 45 minutes away, and yet they were there everyday helping with registration and transportation and logistics.  Past President Gaurav Ahuja, who was the driving force to start the mission here three years ago, stayed at the hotel with us to make sure everything went smoothly!

The Rotary Club of Faridabad Central was also on hand to support the mission, and we thank them!!!

When Rotary Clubs and Districts work together, great things happen.  Without the fundraising of Rotary Districts 7450 and 7430 in the Philadelphia area, with support from the Rotary E-Club of 5870, Texas, and the great work from the Rotaplast Team, these little smiles would not have been saved!

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