After a much needed day off yesterday, our team is back in action!

The day starts with rounds in the wards.  The surgeons and the Pediatricians check yesterdays patients and discharge them if they are well enough to go home.

DSC_0036Then the Pediatricians check today’s patients to make sure they are healthy enough for surgery.

OpDay3SueOur Ward Coordinator makes sure all the patients are properly identified so that they get the right surgery!

DSC_0036The Recreational Therapist works with the children to keep them calm before surgery, and the Patient Transporter is responsible for getting the correct patient to the correct surgical team.  Plus, she has the enviable job of choosing those wonderful quilts that have been hand made especially for our Patients.

Pat and BrigThe Patient is looked at again by the surgeon, and then an anesthesiologist and OR nurse will take the patient back to the OR, where the skillful magic happens.

PreOpIt is harmony in motion with all hands on deck in the OR to make certain our patients come out with a smile!

OPNothing can happen in the OR without sterile instruments!

DSC_0096The Post Anesthesia Care Unit is manned by our amazing Nurse and her assistant.

PacuAll during the day, our Medical Records keeper works with the Head Nurse to schedule the OR and maintain order.

MedRecAndDianeIf you need something, just ask the Quartermaster!

JackMeanwhile, patients are seen by our Fabulous Orthodontist!  Keep and eye here for a heartwarming story featuring one of her patients.

gabbyAnd Genetics is everywhere, helping the team with translating while they collect their data and do their work – featured in a future post.

GeneticsLocal Rotarians and Hospital staff man the registration where there has been at least one walk-in every day – and one day 5!  One Rotarian from the host club is staying with us at the hotel to make sure all goes well. (The host club is about 45 minutes from here).  And we’d be lost without our delightful translator!

RotariansIt is our team leader who coordinates with local Rotarians and hospital staff to make sure everyone is where they are supposed to be and that nothing falls through the cracks.  She is the conductor of this smile symphony!

EvelynOh yeah.  There’s us.  Always in everyone’s face with a camera!