Rotaplast takes pride in being resourceful to provide the best treatment possible for patients. Halima came to our clinic with a rare anomaly, a facial cleft beside a bilateral cleft in the palate.

Team member Dr. Sherif Bakri is a craniofacial surgeon from Sohag, Egypt who just finished a cleft craniofacial fellowship on Gothenburg, Sweden. He wanted to be the surgeon to treat Halima.

He decided to consult one of him mentors, Dr. Brian Sommerlad, who had just been in Egypt to train doctors on how to treat these types of complicated clefts.

Coincidentally, Dr. Sommerlad was in Dhaka, Bangladesh doing free surgeries. He invited Dr. Bakri to come to Dhaka – a distance of 270 kilometers – after the mission to operate together on Halima.

Rotaplast medical director, Dr. Rod Simonds, accepted the kind offer and arranged for Rotaplast to pay transportation fees for Halima and his family so she would have the best care possible.