Abul’s sole means of support is begging. A year ago he was an able-bodied 27 year old field worker. By chance he grabbed a live electrical wire that had broken away from a nearby building. The final result, his right hand had to be amputated.

By chance today he asked Neal, our local Rotary coordinator, for a handout. Neal offered him a hand instead.

Abul came right over to our Rotaplast site at Southern Medical College. Brian Walker, our mission director, routinely brings LN-4 prosthetic hands on missions for just such serendipitous encounters.

These ingeniously engineered hands are simple to fit and simple to use. A mechanical ratchet system allows the user to vary the grasp from a tool handle down to a pen. Abul proficiently operated the hand right away. His parting words, “God bless you!”

The LN-4 hand was donated by the Rotary Club of Pleasant Hill, California. For more information, please see www.ln-4.org.