There were hugs, handshakes and cameras – or more correctly, cell phones acting as cameras – for our closing clinic this morning. Patients got one last check from our medical team and some fresh dressings on their skin grafts. Families were eager to have us pose with them and their children for photos. Everyone was so appreciative for the incredible care they received from Rotaplast.

About 50 of the local nurses, Rotaractors and Rotarians crowded into our mission headquarters space for a final farewell and a slice of cake. Over the two weeks, many of us have made quick friendships with patients and their families. Members of the Rotary Club of Agrabad have been with us throughout the mission to help make it all possible. Rotaractors from Agrabad have assisted as interpreters. We thank them all as well as the staff of the Southern Medical College & Hospital. Few of us had been to Bangladesh before but we will all return home with pleasant memories of the country and kind, gentle people we met here.