Arianna is a bright 7-year-old who had her cleft palate repaired a couple of years ago.  Now she needs speech therapy, which Marlene explains to Arianna’s mom.

DSC_1988Dr. Capozzi and Dr. Devi Tantri discuss a complex surgery.  With so many repairs happening each day, the surgeons do a wonderful job of supporting one another. Although all of the surgeons are extremely experienced, each case is unique, and the medical team thrives on making sure each child is treated carefully and thoughtfully.

DSC_2005Pediatrician Dr. Liz Hawkes checks in on Johan after a cleft palate repair. Johan is 13, and was so grateful to have finally had this surgery done. He and his father traveled for 2 days by bus from Cajamarca to get to Lima. He heard about Rotaplast last year when his cousin had a surgery.

DSC_1987The nurses pause for a quick photo between caring for patients. Sandra Swiatck, RN, Ligaya Agustin, RN, and Kaori Hanazawa, RN smile with local nurse Jaquelin, grateful for another successful day of operations with Rotaplast.

DSC_2037Lead Pediatrician Dr. Greg Shay comforts a patient who has just woken up from anesthesia.

DSC_1858Everyone on this mission is willing to help out their colleagues. Mission Director Tom Fox pitches in to help with sterilizing.

DSC_1981Outside the hospital, many more families wait patiently to be seen by the Rotaplast medical staff in hopes of being treated.