During missions, it’s not that unusual to see patients from previous years. This time, Fabiola, right, returned for additional surgery.   Fabiola and another patient named Marlene became friends after seeing one another year after year at the hospital during Rotaplast missions. They bumped into each other again on pre-clinic day.

Fabiola, 27, made fast friends with many team members, including ward coordinator Robin Smith.

As she waited to be taken into surgery, Fabiola said she was excited and a bit emotional. “I am happy you have come to help us with the surgeries. It is a wonderful team and I am so thankful for the campaign.”

Before heading into surgery, Fabiola speaks with anesthesiologist Stephen Layne as mission director Evelyn Abad tries to calm her nerves. She was scheduled to undergo a Le Fort osteotomy, a type of surgery that involves sectioning and re-positioning the upper jaw to correct its abnormal position.

When it’s surgery time, Fabiola is escorted to the operating room by OR nurse Ted Daley. The operation, Fabiola’s sixth, lasted more than three hours.

On post-clinic day, Fabiola returned for one last checkup before the team left Lima. Her swelling was not as severe and she said she was looking forward to seeing the final results. “Thanks to you, I’m happy.”