Baby whisperer in PACU

In real life, Mark is a software engineer. On the Rotaplast mission to Pereira, he is the PACU assistant. The PACU is the unit that recovers the patients after surgery. Anyone that has experienced anesthesia will remember how groggy and uncomfortable it can be immediately after. The nurses in PACU shepherd our patients through this difficult transition to wakefulness and healing.  Mark was slated to help them by lending an extra set of hands. What they got was so much more.

Mark, in short, is the baby whisperer. Mark’s gentle touch and kind demeanor put the babies to ease and to sleep. He has been known to whisper the lord’s prayer in Spanish as he holds and rocks the babies.

Rotaplast missions use the motto saving smiles changing lives. The surgeons are saving the smiles but the loving care given to the patients by people like Mark are changing lives.