Today was the final day in Arusha. The smiles and grateful looks on the faces of the parents and patients tells what difference the work done by the team in the last two weeks has made to their lives. No doubt many of them could have had concerns or reservations coming in from near and far not knowing whether this transformation at no cost was ever possible.

Our post-op clinic day was a relatively short day in which our medical team changed the dressings for some of the burns cases and assessed other patients who were operated during the last two weeks one last time before the team left.

The last night in Arusha the Rotaplast team went out for a nice team dinner where the Mission director, Tom Fox, the Medical director, Dr. Todd Farnworth and lead Anesthesiologist, Dr. Neal Fleming thanked the team.

“Rotaplast is a gift and I am very fortunate to be part of this. I am reminded of this on every mission. One thing special about Rotaplast is the high rate of repeat volunteers. The total years of experience on this team is staggering. The opportunity to work together with all of that wisdom is always rewarding. On behalf of the Board of Directors it is my pleasure to thank you all for your time and support of this work”. – Dr. Neal Fleming

Kwa heri (Good bye) from Arusha!