Netherlands Rotary is a major sponsor of this mission.  Not only did they provide the mission with financial support, they provided the mission with volunteer support with Marianne Koebrugge, Marie-Jose de Boer and Agnes Van Heezik-Wolfkamp.

Neverland is an imaginary faraway place where  Peter Pan, Tinkerbell, the Lost boys and other mythical creatures and beings live.  It’s described as a place for eternal childhood and escapism.  And that is exactly what these three ladies created on this mission in the ward and playroom, as you will soon find out.

Agnes works closely with the pediatricians as the Ward Coordinator.  She monitors the flow of patients and spends countless hours tracking every patient that comes through the ward. This is the team who work closely with Agnes (holding client medical records) in the ward.

Here is Agnes comforting a patient.

The set up of the hospital is quite unique.  Usually, different areas of a hospital are within one building.  However, here in Naypyidw Myanmar, each area of the hospital is a separate building.  The patient ward is a separate building from the Operating Room.  This adds a level of complexity to the movement of patients pre and post surgery. However, Marianne managed to move patients between the two buildings, on a daily basis, with ease.  Some of the patient would walk, some would be carried by their mom or dad and some were pushed in a wheelchair on this ten minute journey.  Marianne would do the trip at least six times a day.  She was extremely organized with ensuring the patients who were scheduled for surgery were ready to go.  This has alot to do with her past history of being a business consultant and now owning a chicken farm.

Marianne, on the left, and Agnes on the right in white just before the transporting of patients from the ward to the surgical building.

In between transporting patients, she spends her time in the playroom.

The playroom is a magical place created by Marie-Jose.  All of the toys and art supplies were donated and provided by the Netherlands volunteers.  Marie-Jose has worked with many young children in her career as a speech pathologist.  She is a natural when working with children.

Here are some children creating artwork for the walls.  You can see the art work already created by the patients on the walls in the background.

Marie-Jose spendiing precious time with some of the patients.

Here is a young patient, spending time in a tent, creating his own Never Never Land.

And this young boy showing us his pirate moves.

Patients enter Never Never Land with anxiety and uncertainty for their upcoming surgery.  During their stay in this magical place, they get a chance to escape, to forget about their pain and to just spend time recovering before going back home.  When they leave Never Never Land, they are transformed not only physically, but emotionally.

Special guests of Never Never Land include this little baby who makes us appreciate all that we do here as a team with Rotaplast.


It has been said that Never Never Land is an imaginary place where everything is pleasant or perfect in a way that is impossible to achieve in real life.  And in their own way, these three ladies from the Netherlands have touched the hearts of these patients, impacting their lives forever.