As the end of our journey to Guatemala with the Rotaplast International team, we are grateful to be of help and filled with sadness that it will come to an end.  This has truly been a journey into oneself.   The team has maintained a high level of energy in spite of long and intense surgical schedules.  They have worked tirelessly each day.   There is a buoyant feeling of satisfaction of contributing to our team effort, knowing you have helped so many children who would have faced medical issues and a more difficult socialization into life here in Guatemala.  

Once again this would never have happened without the generous involvement of the  San Jose Rotary Club working in tandem with the Guatemala Rotary.  There is courage of conviction, and guts, to make these mission happen.   Behind the scenes, they provided not only financial wherewithal, the provided logistical, technical, medical, and communication skills, and grit to overcome logistical and International problems.    




“It always seems impossible until it is done.”

 – Nelson Mandela