Today we explore the second half of the team’s answers to what inspires them to come on medical missions:

Name: Lois Borie
Role: OR Nurse
# of Rotaplast Missions: 45
“I came on my first mission simply because I had never been to Bolivia. But after that it felt so good to help others and be a part of a team like this I have kept coming back.”

Name: Michael Fallon
Role: Anesthesiologist
# of Rotaplast Missions: 1
“I originally dropped out of high school and went down a different path. Ultimately so many things transpired to bring me to this tremendous life of practicing medicine. I felt I have been given so much that I must give back. Life is pre-destined for many people we meet on these missions. If I can use the freedom I was given to chart a new course for myself to be able to give other people some freedom back with these surgeries, then that is very meaningful to me.”

Name: Margaret Watson Hopkins
Role: PACU Nurse
# of Rotaplast Missions: 3
“Simply put, it feels good to use my skills to help other people.”

Name: Helen O’Keeffe Vajk
Role: PACU Assistant
# of Rotaplast Missions: 35
“I serve on these missions to repay the world for the wonderful chances it gave me as an immigrant to become a physician. In an attempt to repay the world, you end up getting even more back.”

Name: Mohammed Hannan
Role: CRNA
# of Rotaplast Missions: 1
“I feel like I can contribute so much change by being a part of this time doing amazing work. The patients that we help usually have done nothing to deserve their situation and they definitely deserve all the care I can give them. It is an honor and privilege to get to be here and help them.”

Name: Paula Fillari
Role: Lead PACU Nurse
# of Rotaplast Missions: 42
“These missions are very exciting and have opened up the whole world for me.”

Name: Marilyn Santiago
Role: OR Nurse
# of Rotaplast Missions: 15
“Besides how good it feels to help people, I’m given the opportunity to work with peers from other countries and see/learn how they do things differently. Getting to be with children is so fantastic and seeing a mother or father’s face after seeing their child’s face repaired is so rewarding.”

Name: David Stellway
Role: Anesthesiologist
# of Rotaplast Missions: 1
“It feels so satisfying to get to apply your skills to help someone who otherwise would not have received the benefit of what you have to offer.”

Name: Katherine Gallagher
Role: Lead Pediatrician
# of Rotaplast Missions: 13
“I enjoy medicine and love kids, so it’s a no-brainer. This is a chance to do something that might make somebody truly happy. Doing these procedures at home, where there is a lot of support already, may not change things a whole lot. But doing them here is a chance to make a big difference. Plus they are fun.”

Name: Monica Morales
Role: Ward Coordinator
# of Rotaplast Missions: 1
“As a pre-medical student, I have a deep desire to help underserved patients. Especially in emerging countries where there is a high need for procedures that can be performed so easily but are often unreachable due to lack of resources. Even as a non-medical volunteer I feel like I get to contribute—smiles, attention, comfort—something these patients may not ordinarily get. It’s an indescribable feeling.”

Name: Diana Deleon
Role: Recreation Therapist
# of Rotaplast Missions: 1
“I am really interested in serving others so when I got the opportunity I was so excited to volunteer my time. Being with kids makes me so happy. I am so grateful to get to be here and meet them—it’s the best! That’s thing about children, no matter what these little ones are going through, they are always smiling and happy despite their situation.”

Name: Randy Floyd
Role: Mission Director
# of Rotaplast Missions: 19
“My two passion areas are to serve children and the poor. Rotaplast has given me the opportunity to do just that on these missions.”