Featured picture is Head Nurse Kim Capps with Nadaro.  She is the 12 year old girl pictured yesterday with her father Geieoy.  They live in the village of Matale about 500 KM from Arusha.  When Nurse Capps learned Nadaro was to make the return trip in the same clothes she purchased a new dress and shoes for her to wear when she got home.  Several members of the Rotaplast Team provided gifts and support to local patients and staff members.

Making the Rounds.

On the final day, Surgeons, Pediatricians, Nurses and Physical Therapists made a final visit to patients in the ward.  PACA Nurses Ligaya Agustin and Bruce Hickey also set up a last time clinic for some to be treated as out-patients.  Pictured is Medical Director Farnworth visiting a patient with Dr. Vreuls.

Surgeon Paul Faringer, MD visits and evaluates the lip repair he completed yesterday.

Remember Joani?

Patient Joani had her cleft lip repaired by Surgeons Sibrand Schepel and Rod Simonds.  Previously noted was she is has a twin sister who did not have a cleft lip, so one of the goals was for them to look alike.  Here is a picture of the twins before the surgery. Joani is on the right and her sister Joela is on the left:

Pictured below is surgeon Simonds this  morning with Joani and Joela during rounds and the following picture Surgeon Schepel and the twins mother.

After early morning rounds, surgeons, Anesthesiologist, OR  nurses, and Physical Therapist assembled one more time to review previous surgeries and re-bandage patients.

Meanwhile the Team is packing up.  Quartermaster Eric Boyd takes the lead to insure the equipment and supplies to go with the Team this evening are ready to go.

Morning activities are so hectic it is eating-on-the-fly.  A local favorite is Samosa’s.  Originally from India they are now an African traditional snack.  Vegetables, Chicken or beef wrapped in a dough pastry then deep fried.  Lead PACU Ligaya Agustin takes a short break with a Samosa.

Mission Director Floyd and Medical Director Farnworth, MD hold a final briefing with the Team to review the status.  The opening clinic hosted 112 patients and 11 walk-ins arrived post clinic.  61 surgeries with 79 procedures were completed during the seven days of surgeries.  The total value of services provided exceeded $250, 000

The Team will return home tonight for a well-deserved time with family.