Nuvia, accompanied by her daughter Ana, arrived for surgery on Saturday. It was also her 53rd birthday, making it even more special for her. At age 15 a petroleum lamp accidentally set her clothes on fire. She was burned severely on her neck, face, arms, chest and abdomen.

The resulting burn scar contractures caused her chin to be fused to her neck. Twelve years after the accident, she had surgery to release the contracture. But her lower lip still had severe scarring.

Nuvia heard about the upcoming Rotaplast mission from a family friend 15 days prior to our arrival. After waiting 26 years to have corrective surgery on her lip, she was understandably anxious for our arrival. Thanks to Rotaplast she will have skin taken from her abdomen and used to repair her lip. A most memorable birthday present.

She told us, “I am appreciative with god and this team who helps people like me, without cost. It will truly change my life.”