Saif reads in Class 4 and is from Goalabajar, which is just on the outskirts of the city. His sister complains that he fights with her all the time. (R) He was calm throughout and even managed to smile for the camera.

Alvi’s mother also had a cleft lip operation when she was five and half.

Fahima has three other siblings with the oldest being almost 16. Her mother says that Fahima is her favorite child.

Ayash and Ayan are six-month old twin brothers. (R) Ayash after the surgery. Their mother is happy that now the brothers will look identical and it will soon be tough to tell them apart!

Dr. Shelby Wood (Physiotherapist) working on the hand splint of a patient.

Some anxious faces before surgery.

Dr. Joe Anderson (Anesthesiologist) and Sajeela Rajakumar (OR Nurse) carry their precious cargo into the operating room.

Dr. Sheila Mackell (pediatrician) during a post-op round.

This young mother referred to Marnee Obendorf (PACU Assistant) as her child’s Nanu (Grandma).

Dr. Mamdough Aboulelhassan about to begin surgery.